Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Ceiling Leak in a Livermore Garage

The bedroom suite above this Livermore garage caused a water leak on the ceiling and the void between the floors. A bathroom tub overflowed and soaked the build... READ MORE

Livermore Basement Flooding Cleanup

The utility sink by the washer/dryer in this Livermore basement sprung a leak and soaked the glued-down carpet. Not discovered for several days, mold had begun ... READ MORE

Burst Pipe Means Water Damage Remediation in Livermore

The Before Photo shows the swelling from water absorption in the baseboard in this Livermore home. The homeowner dried the spill himself and had the pipe repair... READ MORE

Water Damage Controlled Demolition in Livermore

The Before Photo shows the toilet area with wet walls and loose glue-down resilient vinyl tiles. The supply line ruptured in the wall, and the shutoff valve was... READ MORE

Water Damage in a Livermore Bedroom

This bedroom in a Livermore home suffered water damage on an exterior cinder block wall. The baseboard heater leaked water and soaked the drywall, as shown in t... READ MORE

Bathtub Overflow in a Livermore Home

Bathtub Overflow in a Livermore Home The water from the overflowing tub covered the stairs and part of the walls with fresh, clean tap water. Our customer turne... READ MORE